Compliance Services

Mastering Compliance Monitoring for All Property Types…

No matter what type of property you own, forever changing regulations can be overwhelming. Penalties for noncompliance can mean huge financial losses for owners and fee managers. That is a lot of time and money. Real Estate Masters has over 30 years of experience with compliance services. Our dedicated teams of certified compliance experts are at your service to mitigate risk, maximize occupancy, and ensure that your property, no matter what type, follows federal, state, and local government regulations.

Knowing whether a property is in compliance with current regulations often requires expertise that few property managers have, in spite of the fact that millions of dollars are at stake. Real Estate Masters knows what it takes to avoid recapture and ensures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and zoning. If needed, we have long established relationships with all Federal and State housing and finance agencies such as HUD, DOH and CHFA. We have in-depth knowledge of the application, award, and compliance process for all Federal and State housing programs including, but not limited to, HOME, HUD Section 202, 4% LIHTC, 9% LIHTC, HTCC, Tax Exempt State Bonds, AHP, Rural Development and Section 42, and Section 8.

30+ Years Experience

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Our Real Estate Masters compliance professionals arrive on-site at your property to review and assess what your needs are. We have unique experience and insight into the issues that matter most to our clients. We have the skills and training you need to get back on track—and stay on track.